Biden is on the road to victory! — Why Evolution Is True

Yes, I’m premature here, but Biden has now officially taken Michigan and Wisconsin. If he wins Arizona and Nevada, which seems likely, he’ll have 270 Electoral College votes, and that means VICTORY. Trump, of course, has his lawyers in line demanding recounts, but I’m pretty happy. We’re not going to have the hanging chad issue […]Continue reading “Biden is on the road to victory! — Why Evolution Is True”

Finding Jesus in the Tear Gas — Discover

“During the day, MDP Circle is a dreamy little slice of what could be without the tyrannical hand of the state. At night, the police gas and shoot anyone gathered there. The oscillation between joy and terror is exhausting.” Finding Jesus in the Tear Gas — Discover

Autistic Science Person — Discover

Autistic Science Person is the personal blog of an autistic grad student in neuroscience that was undiagnosed until adulthood. They are known on Twitter as @AspieHuman. Autistic Science Person — Discover

Neuroscience News — Discover

Neuroscience News research articles cover neurology, psychology, AI, brain science, mental health, robotics and cognitive sciences in a free, open access magazine. Neuroscience News — Discover

I Wish Everyone Would Read This — Whereof One Can Speak

Everyone in the US anyway. Everyone who can read. Jay Rosen teaches journalism at New York University. From NYR Daily: “Journalism” is a name for the job of reporting on politics, questioning candidates and office-holders, and alerting Americans to what is actually happening in their public sphere. “The press” is the institution in which most […]Continue reading “I Wish Everyone Would Read This — Whereof One Can Speak”


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